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gvc package on CRAN

less than 1 minute read

A new R package gvc is now available on CRAN. The package implements several global value chain indicators

decompr on CRAN

1 minute read

I am proud to announce that after a few emails back and forth with Prof. Brian Ripley, which consisted mostly of me appologising for not following the proper...

Data Science Specialisation

3 minute read

Yesterday the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health published a post about their Data Science Specialisation on the online MOOC platform Coursera.

Learning R and Git

3 minute read

In yesterday’s post I discussed some of the principles I use to make my work replicable and - to an extent - reproducible. In this post I want to collect som...

Replicable Development Economics

1 minute read

The tagline of this blog says something replicable development economics using R and git. So far, I have posted gimmicks on new R tools such as shiny, rmarkd...